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located at Shop 1/102-110 Kortum Drive, Burleigh Heads, GC. Opposite the new Bunnings

We offer the best meat prices on the coast, any day of the week.

Whether it’s socialising over a roast dinner, grilling lamb chops for a hungry family or preparing a quick and easy mince meal - meat is very much a part of the Australian lifestyle. Brookside Country Meats master butcher Colin Waters understands the love his customers have for this food and provides only the highest quality meat for sale. Our superior quality has most clients won the moment they taste their purchases from our Burleigh Store.

Now in its eleventh year, Brookside Country Meats manufactures and processes all popular cuts of meats all sourced from local farms within a 200km radius as well as ham, bacon and a full range of Gotzinger smallgoods, free range eggs, locally farmed honey and organic milk.

With something to suit everyone, even those on the tightest budget, there is every reason to visit Brookside.

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