Tasty Chicken Recipe Ideas

The trick to Indian cooking is to get familiar with the typical Indian herbs and make sure you have them in the house in ample supply; cumin, fennel seeds, garam marsala, paprika.  Don’t buy the small containers of these herbs, you will go through them quickly if you get on a roll with these recipes.

You will also need peppercorns, bay leaves as well.

Butter chicken is a relatively easy recipe to make, you just have to get used to the herbs preparation and the tomato is something that needs to be cooked first and then pureed.

This chef is a new one we have found and he presents great cooking tips within his tutorials and the videos are short and tasty.

So enjoy.

Ok so this recipe isn’t easy first time round, but once you cook it once, it has to get easier.

Also there are occasions where putting a little bit into the preparation pays off in the dish.

The beauty of Indian recipes is that introduction of how to use the herbs we see every day in a combination that tests the tastebuds and open us up to experimenting more with herbs in the cooking of meat.

This one is full of herbs and looks amazing, mouth watering with flavour and easy to put together really.

Ok one day we will make this – home made noodles as well as pasta tastes insanely good and the way she makes the noodles in this recipe almost looks therapeutic – we love her she has an excellent accent.