The Secret to How to Cook Great Ribs

We understand that sometimes using a new cut of meat can be a little bit intimidating.  So this is for those who have never cooked ribs before, we have uncovered the secret to how to cook great ribs.

These recipes will make any BBQ a hit, or for family dinners that you want to be fun and engaging, ribs are a great addition to the menu.  They are a popular cut of meat, both the Beef and Pork ribs so make sure you grab them when you see them.

With this recipe, we do contest her suggestion that you don’t need fat, pfft, fat is a lot better for you than sugar so if you are going to cut anything out, then please start with that.

In fact for women, especially in their 40’s and plus, the gaining of the weight around the midrift is usually caused by the increase of sugary foods, wine and coffee.  Also sugar is proven to be a contributor to fluctuating mood swings as well.  So, bring in the fat, throw out the sugar.

Rant over.

Pork Ribs by Gordon Ramsay – he’s fast and to the point.  The way to cook Pork is a little different to Beef but remember, it is always low and slow.

On average you are looking at 3hrs with the temp sitting at

For something different that could totally compliment the ribs for dinner – as well a good salad.

You know we can’t have one without the other, so here is Jamie Oliver and his favourite recipe on how to cook ribs, tasty ribs.

Now go and impress your family, friends and partner with how awesome you are at cooking tasty and tender ribs.