How to Cook The Best Pork Belly Dinner

pork belly recipes

Cooking the best Pork Belly dinner seems to be based on either the slow braised cooking technique or sliced up and cooked fast in a hot pan, it can also be roasted or stewed, the trick is to soak up the excess fat, Gordon has a trick for that in his video.   Pork Belly is a tender and flavoursome cut of meat, the belly seems to bring out its flavour when it is slow roasted.

Cook: “The belly itself is a great mid temp braising cut. I cook it at 300 or 325 degrees,” says Mylan. “Usually what I’ll do is braise it kind of wet, and then once it’s been cooking for 2 to 2.5 hours, I let cool, slice it and crisp it in a pan. Modern Farmer

To confirm its flavour, streaky Bacon it is actually cured and smoked Pork belly meat.  An overview of the recipes below is that this cut works well with aromatic flavours and Asian spices, see for yourself by jumping into the recipes below.

I love the tip Gordon Ramsay suggested, of using a slice of bread to soak up the excess fat in this dish.

I am not sure about this recipe, cream sauce with Pork, but for variety we are putting it in here so you can choose.  He does offer a different cooking technique so therefore making it to the list of inspiration videos.

And if you like a little caramelisation with your Pork Spare Ribs than this one is for you.  We realise now that it isn’t pork belly but the way she has done the seasoning is worth earmarking it for future use.

Now if you don’t mind a bit of beer with your Pork Belly then you are going to love the Pit Boys.  Now this style of cooking is actually from the Africans who were brought to the US and they shared this cooking style in the plantations and it was the only time where everyone ate together in plantation life.

This one seems to have the best break down of the meat and a great way to cook Pork Belly outside on the deck.

Here are some recipes from Jamie Oliver’s website;

Hot and Smoky Vindaloo Pork Belly

We are not sure how you cook, but we tend to watch 3 or 4 videos and pick a little bit from here and there and mash it up into our own weird concoction of dinners.  Then on other nights when we aren’t feeling so brave we cook it by following the recipe only to put our own slant on it after a few times, mainly because we have run out of some ingredients.  Either way, we hope this gives you plenty of inspiration in how to use Pork Belly while providing heaps of flavour and messy fingers.