How To Clean Your BBQ

Winter and lack of use are the reasons why your BBQ could be due for a clean.   We know, leaving the previous flavours on the BBQ is good for the flavour, but if the BBQ has been out of use for a while, it’s always a good thing to start with a clean slate.

We thought we would start with a mate of Jamie Oliver and how to use vinegar to discover how to clean your BBQ.

This tip is awesome – steam suggested by Bunnings Warehouse.

It’s also for the bigger sized BBQ’s that

Home Tips on How To Clean A BBQ


To keep the information resource varied we spent some time reading through forums, nothing like the home chef to give some insights and here are some of the top tips we have come across;

BBQ’s are easy.
– Heat to very, very hot.
– Scrape lightly.
– Slowly pour a little water onto the BBQ (will heat up, boil, and lift the crap off if it doesn’t boil straight away, it’s not hot enough).
– Scrape BBQ clean again (lightly).
– Apply thin coat of oil.

Works a treat. I do this maybe once every 3-4 cooks just before I cook the food (if you do it after you cook, you might end up with a rusty BBQ).

Once i’m finished cooking, i lightly scrape the plate clean of excess solids & oil, and leave it as is.

The keyword is lightly. You shouldn’t be scraping hard at all – I see people scraping as hard as they can, and they just ruin their plate. Very lightly with a Bar-B-Mate, you don’t need any real force at all.

My plate is about 3 years old, and still in perfect condition…

If you need to give it a ‘start of BBQ season’ clean, I take the plate off, scrub it in water & detergent, let it drip dry for a few mins, then put it back on the BBQ, heat it up, cover it in oil, scrape it down, let it cool down again, and then cook on it. Cooking half a dozen snags is the best way to get your plate ready again – tasty, and the oil & fat season the plate and prevent it rusting up.  Deeman


“the day before the bbq get some lemon juice – even the fake stuff you get in bottles

put it in a spray bottle/atomiser and liberally spray while brushing the grill down….then heat on max till everything is as hot as it gets…

alternatively, if like my mums and you can pull your grills out in sections, grab them out, get out the karcher and spray the buggery out of them to get rid of most of the crap…then lemon juice it.

jobs done

just a quick oiling up before turning up the heat for cooking the next day should suffice, but spray the oil onto your rag, paper, whatever….not onto the grill…

works for me”  Fisherman_71

Don’t forget that Roast dinners are good in the BBQ too, we have had our Xmas lunches 2 years in a row cooked in the Baby BBQ.

Lamb Roasts

Now we have watched a few videos before deciding on this one so even though he is a bit bland in his explanation of how to successfully roast a Turkey, he does have some great tips on here.  Also our 5 cents worth is that you can make do with a baking tray with a rack that fits within that without having to specifically buy their gear.

OK I am duly starving now, got to go cook.

Stay Tasty everyone.