How To Cook The Best Tacos


We stopped buying those prepackaged packs of Tacos after we noticed there was a lot more than herbs in the seasoning packs.  This is one of the key tips on how to cook the best tacos, when you start by getting rid of packet food you will always be a winner, flavour and environmentally wise.
It is also cheaper to make your own Taco seasoning at home without the stress of having the pack to make a mean meal of tastiness.

The key herbs to use in the recipes below are;

Paprika, Cumin, Chilli Powder, Coriander, Pepper and if you like Turmeric.

The onion and garlic please use fresh, the onion family helps your body digest the meat so make sure you use the fresh stuff not the dried forms of these.  I know, sounds crazy, but just in case you were thinking of it we had to remind you to use fresh where you can.

We start off with this grassroots recipe we found on YouTube, who we are kidding, we find everything on YouTube.

Remember you can always hide veges in these dishes by chopping up your mushrooms, zucchini and maybe even some thinly sliced cabbage so you can hide more than one or two veges in there as the meat and the seasoning and the fact you are a cool parent, Aunty, Nana/Pops making Tacos.

How To Cook Tasty Taco Recipes

are you ready?

Next up we found another great recipe on how to cook the best tacos from

The only dig I have in this is please don’t use the onion powder, just chop up an onion and some garlic and fry that first, just take the herb mix from this one and then drop the rest of the recipe.

And don’t think that you always have to use mince with your tacos, let’s spice it up a bit.  And hello, this one has to be my favourite.

We really love that Jamie Oliver invites a lot of other chefs/cooks to come and share their favourite short cuts and recipes.  Steak in your tacos seems like a bit of a waste, but if you are a steak person through and through, it is just another way to serve your steak.

We really hope you enjoyed this list of tastiness as we had to watch ALOT of bad videos to curate this list of awesomeness.

Stay tasty and remember, no phones at the dinner table when catching up with friends and family or just at home.  And sit around for a bit afterwards and chew the fat, you know, hang out.