How to Make a Tasty Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner should focus on flavour and catch up with the awesome people that have been by our side through the year.  It is always about being able to catch up, eat slowly and enjoy a lot of good laughs.

The gifts are a by-product, good company is the real value in Christmas dinners or meals.

How Make a Tasty Xmas Dinner

without the stress, more fun and more flavour, that’s the way we love to cook.

Now there are not many chefs outside the big ones that we watch from end to end, but this guy is so good and his channel is such a pleasure to watch.

This meal took 45mins to put together, so it is definitely a serious contender for a Christmas dinner option.  So if you like to leave things to the last minute, this could be a good one, there are a lot of moving tasty parts, but we still love it.

And now to include the Pork option for either a boneless or bone in Pork Shoulder; tender roast Pork with tasty crackling.

We had to glean his YouTube channel for some other recipes, so if the roast or the oven being fired up for Christmas day makes you want to run, here’s some tasty salads to whip up while you put the Webber on to roast your meat so you keep the house/unit cool.

Next, let’s focus on the desserts.

A good Pavlova is always a good comfort food and we love it.

Plus the kids will love being involved in this dish, so show them how to make it and it will pay you back in folds as they get older.

or if you want to get a little fancier, we found this great recipe which looks super refreshing for the post-Christmas Day/Eve feast.