5 Tasty Salad Recipes

There is nothing better than taking the left overs of last nights roast or left over steaks and making them up into a salad to take to work or to save for dinner.

This would be also a great second night meal if you buy one of the Picanha’s that are over 1kg, this cut of meat would be a great one to use in these recipes as when cooked to the recipes we have shared, the meat should be nice and pink in the centre.

We have 5 tasty salad recipes to choose from.

I really don’t know why we haven’t shared some of Nigella’s recipes before, but she is the queen of fast and slapdash and this recipes looks very tasty.

We will add to our blogs as we find new recipes that qualify to go into the blog.  Although this one has made it in the first round.

Officially dribbling.

Organic Broccoli has a lot of health benefits – high in fibre, magnesium, zinc, all great for muscle repair and growth development.  For big and small people will benefit from more broccoli in your diet.

This is a great basic over view of the architecture of a bloody good salad and let’s be honest, we all hate wasting food.

Thank you Jamie!

Ok so this one is another Jamie one but we found a vein of some of his awesome recipes as we scooted around YouTube, don’t worry we will spice it up a bit in future edits.

His advice on complex carbs, vege, nuts etc. in your effort to increase office lunch envy.

They do look easy to make and look super tasty.

Remember to always have a good cold pressed Olive oil bottle in the cupboard as there is nothing better in a fresh salad than to make sure that the key ingredients to the salad are top notch.

Stay tasty.