There are 2 camps on how to cook Skirt Steak, so we have scoured the internet and found 5 ways to cook skirt steak based on various techniques.

So there are two camps of how to cook skirt steak, some marinated and BBQ and then others use it in slow cooking recipes.

We have found a few fast cooking, in fact we are still searching for a slow cook recipe, YouTube seems to be peppered, hehe, with fast cooking recipes for it.

OMG – we found a Taco recipe for our Skirt steak recipes, no luck finding some Aussie chefs but we are still looking.

Bear with me.

But you can’t beat the way the Mexicans cook Tacos, if you haven’t tasted some traditional Tacos, make sure you put them on your bucket list, the flavour is amazing and the tenderness of the meats envious.

Another Mexican meal inspo, I am seeing a very strong pattern but they all look so good and the other recipes we found were just too same same.

This one says that it is Flank Steak which is actually a different cut of meat – it is from the rump, booty of the animal.

Last one, although yes, flank isn’t Skirt, but seriously we couldn’t find a 5th one.  eeek.  We tried!

Argentinian cooking methods, this chef is just gorgeous and as sweet potato is used on the side, it’s one of our favourites.

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To learn more about this cut of meat, we have found this great description for you;

This butcher recommends to do short cooking methods to keep the flavour in the meat.

Remember to take you meat cuts out of the fridge 20 mins before you cook it to help the steak remain tender.